The Isthmus of Corinth has been a construction dream – a challenge that lasted 2,300 years. Due to its geographical location, “Aphonios Corinthos” emerged from antiquity to a great naval, commercial and cultural center.

The canal cuts the Corinth Isthmus in a straight line along a length of 6,346 m. Its width at the surface of the sea is 24,6 m and at the bottom of 21,3 m, its depth ranges between 7,50 to 8 m The total volume of the excavated soil for its construction reached 12 million cubic meters.
The canal is located east of Corinth and joins the Corinthian Gulf with the Saronic Gulf.

Today, Isthmus attracts the interest of thousands of tourists. Apart from the canal, they have the opportunity to admire the two sinking bridges at both ends, which sink each time a ship is to pass through the canal. One is Posidonia, which links Corinth to Loutraki and the other to Isthmia. However, due to location and traffic, Posidonia attracts the greatest interest. In fact, tourists each time the bridge sinks, they stay open.

The Isthmus, however, is not just the canal. The visitor can make the canal crossing, while the adrenaline will reach its heights, making banzi jump. A special experience, however, is the crossing of the Isthmus, with canoe kayak or surfboard.

A strong dose of adrenaline, a sense of freedom and strong emotions !!!

The platform is located at the bottom of the tourist bridge of Corinth at a height of 80 meters from the surface of the water and many say it is one of the best spots for Bungee jumping in the world. As you fall, you feel the resistance of the air on the face, you see the water coming in, you just feel like you were doing a madness. In the end, of course you laugh and you think “when will I go back”?

The jump is even more unique, here in the Isthmus of Corinth due to its mythical view. After weighing, you will have to strap your legs with special straps and wear a full harness. Then you will go to the Bungee platform, the jumpmasters will reload you, the bungee rope, the final check will be done and …. you left! If you wish, you can ask to touch the water in your jump!

The Grand Olympic is away from the Isthmus:

  • 6.6 km
  • 10 minutes distance to the car